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EVP Of Operations - New York City - $300K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Gen Mgr - Chicago - $195K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - Iowa - Select Service - $85K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - Kansas - $160K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - Kentucky - $120K Plus (Apply)

Gen Mgr - Northern CA - Boutique - $100K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - San Franciso - Full Serv - $200K Plus Bonus  (Apply)

Gen Mgr - S Dakota - Select Service - $75K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - South Florida Resort - $200K Plus Bonus  (Apply)
Gen Mgr- Texas - Boutique - $120K Plus Bonus (Apply)
Gen Mgr - Wash DC - Full Serv - $175K Plus Bonus (Apply)

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The Types of Positions
We Recruit For & Where:

While based in New York City H.T.S. places talent throughout the United States as well as various international locations. We provide a wide variety of talent from entry level property based hotel managers to hotel corporate office senior executives. Our services have also been secured by world class restaurant organizations, hospitals & others.

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Two Ways To Search:

Retained Search

Contingency Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by H.T. S. and choose the one that best fits your organizations recruiting objectives. 

H.T.S. Integrity

The integrity of a hospitality executive search firm should be critical to the decision of both employers and candidates before they engage in a relationship with a search firm. H. T. S. President and Founder Frank Speranza explains why both employers and candidates should be concerned with this critical issue.

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The Science of Talent

Learn how H.T.S. can add a scientific selection process to your search.

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FIU Connection

Understanding our connection with one of the country's premier colleges of Hospitality Management.

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Foundation For Peace

Giving Back

Hospitality Talent Scouts Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Foundation for Peace. Learn more about our commitment to The Foundation for Peace and how you can get involved.

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