Two Ways To Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by HTS and choose the one that best fits your organization's recruiting objectives.

Hospitality Talent Scouts Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search is used when an employer wants to engage Hospitality Talent Scouts to find a candidate for a position and does not want to pay any fees unless a candidate is directly hired by the employer as a result of being introduced by Hospitality Talent Scouts.

Hospitality Talent Scouts Retained Search

Our Retained Search is recommended when an employer wants to engage Hospitality Talent Scouts to find a very specific, specialized, and targeted candidate profile. This search is for the employer that not only wants a pedigree but one that comes with papers! Our channel partner, Talent Plus ®, will conduct an in-depth talent interview for the analysis of final Executive Level Candidates selected for potential employment by your organization. This written analysis report will be produced by trained professionals at Talent Plus who evaluate an individual's consistent pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to career considerations.

Talent Plus utilizes the Science of Talent ® and proprietary integrated talent management processes and technology to help clients build Talent-Based Organizations ® by selecting and developing talented employees. Talent Plus has a very impressive list of world-class organizations that they work with, and Hospitality Talent Scouts is proud to partner with them for our Hospitality Talent Scouts Retained Search clients.

The analysis of your final selected candidates will include the following characteristics:

  1. Drive – captures a person's self-esteem, self-expression, and capacity to channel their energy to achieve personal and professional goals in a balanced way.
    • Ego Drive – explores a person's self-concept, self reliance, adjustment to others, and individual competitiveness.
    • Focus – examines a person's energy level and how this energy has been and is channeled to achieve specific goals and outcomes. This theme also considers a person's future aspirations.
  2. Intellectual Acumen – reflects a person's inquisitiveness, wisdom, and ability to articulate and illustrate key aspects of their business philosophy and personal values.
    • Intelligence – defined by a person's intellectual curiosity, innovation, social awareness, and judgment.
    • Conceptualization – a theme in which professional and personal values, standards, and the expression of ideals, desired outcomes, or goals are considered. The ability to think in a multifaceted way is also included in this theme.
  3. People Acumen – reveals the extent, depth, and impact of a person's interactions in both positive and negative settings.
    • Relationship – defined by the desire for and ease with which people establish rapport with others and the scope and intensity of their people interactions.
    • Persuasion – relates to a person's approach to influencing others and their ability to move others toward the acceptance of new ideas by the use of reason and emotion.
    • Individualized Approach – considers the ability a person has to be “other-centered” and to react to the request and needs—expressed and unexpressed—of each person based on an individual's circumstances and characteristics.
    • Growth Orientation – assesses a person's grasp of strength management theory as it relates to company growth. Consideration is given to the practical application of an individual's approach to the selection, placement, and development of others.
    • Response to Negativity – explains how a person handles negative behavior or treatment.
  4. Executive Skills – focuses on the specific ways in which a person thinks about the executive role as well as their conduct in that role.

Clients who engage Hospitality Talent Scouts for our Retained Searches are assigned a dedicated recruiter who works only on that client's assignment. We recommend this type of search to organizations when the hiring organization views the position they are recruiting for as so vital to the organization that the margin for error in the selection process must be as close to zero as possible.

A deposit/retainer is required for all of our Retained Searches.

While Hospitality Talent Scouts will provide either type of search for our clients—Contingency or Retained—we prefer to work on an exclusive basis for both. We believe employers that contract multiple search firms to fill the same position put themselves in a position of appearing desperate, looking sloppy and disorganized, and in the end, limit their ability to get the best talent because of the perceived negative impression that potential candidates might get.

Our Fee Structure

Hospitality Talent Scouts Contingency Search

  • 20% of the annual base salary, paid 10 days following the candidate's first day of employment
  • Hospitality Talent Scouts Contingency Search guarantees the selected candidate for three months from the date of hire.

Hospitality Talent Scouts Retained Search

  • 30% of the annual base salary, plus fees associated with Talent Plus interviews
  • A $5000 non-refundable retainer/deposit paid in advance, with the balance paid 10 days following the candidate's first day of employment
  • Hospitality Talent Scouts guarantees the selected candidate for twelve months from the date of hire.