Talent Plus

The Science of Talent ®

Learn how HTS can add a scientific selection process to your search.

In 1989, at the age of 29, Hospitality Talent Scouts Founder Frank Speranza met two remarkable individuals who would forever change the way he viewed recruitment. They have been the foundation for a set of beliefs that have been greatly responsible for Frank's career success. Those two individuals are Chairman of Talent Plus ® Doug Rath and his wife Kimberly Rath, President and Managing Director.

For our exclusive Retained Searches, Hospitality Talent Scouts offers as an option for an additional fee an exclusive profile on a potential candidate by having them go though an exclusive Talent Plus proprietary, structured interview. Talent Plus is able to analyze top performers to define success criteria, scientifically measure an individual's talents against industry and corporate benchmarks, and predict an individual's potential to perform a specific job with excellence.

Talent Plus spent 20 years as the exclusive partner with the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company providing these exact types of services in helping them select the management personnel that made Ritz Carlton the world class company it is today.

At Hospitality Talent Scouts, we believe that for you as a client utilizing our services, complimented by the Talent Plus suite of interviews and assessments, we can deliver to you quality candidates like no other executive search firm can.

To learn more about Talent Plus and how they, along with Hospitality Talent Scouts can assist you in building a Talent-Based Organization ®, click here: www.talentplus.com.