Sample Opportunities

Corporate Director of Human Resources - NYC - $200K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Director of Catering - Rhode Island - Full Service - $110K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Director of Finance - New Jersey - $110K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Director of Food & Beverage - Texas- Full Service - $110K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Director of Sales - NYC - Full Service Boutique - $100K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Director of Sales & Marketing - WA - $105K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Dual Director of Revenue - NYC - $125K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Dual Director of Revenue - NYC - Select Service - $115K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Dual Director of Revenue - MD - Full Service - $100K Plus Bonus (Apply)

Dual General Manager - NYC - Full Service - $180K Plus Bonus (Apply)

General Manager - Northern CA - Boutique - 120K Plus Bonus (Apply)

General Manager - Upstate New York - Resort Environment - 200K Plus Bonus (Apply)

VP of Operations - NYC - Lifestyle/Boutique - $275K Plus Bonus (Apply)


Please be assured that your confidentiality is our first priority and that all communication from you will be treated as outlined in our "Guarantee of Confidentiality," which you can learn more about on this website. You can be assured that your resume will never be presented to any potential employer or released without your written permission to do so. This is our guarantee!

Because of the large number of inquiries and resumes we receive, we will only respond to candidates whose background meets our current immediate client's request. That is, we will respond to candidates seeking positions currently open that we are interviewing for.

If you do not receive an immediate response, we appreciate your interest and thank you for forwarding us your resume. We will certainly add your resume to our Talent Bank for other potential opportunities in the future if your background meets our requirements.

Please note that most of our open positions will not appear posted on this website or anywhere else. Therefore, it is important that we received your resume, as while it may not be a match for a position applied for currently, it may be for something else we have available or that might become available in the future.

At Hospitality Talent Scouts, we believe that everyone has talent, and our job is to match talent with the correct need or client specification. We do not sell our clients on candidates but seek to match our client's specifications as they provide them to us, with the desired background that they want. Our philosophy is to give the client what they want, not what we think they should have. Therefore, we ask candidates not to feel slighted if we respond that their background, while very good, is not a match for the client's specifications.

Because we operate this way, your resume based on background and experience is what will determine whether you will receive an immediate return call from us. This is what our clients expect from us (i.e., to only present candidates whose resumes match the specifications they have requested). The individuals who will review your resume are trained Hospitality Professionals that know the business and whether you will be a match for our client's specifications.

We look forward to being in contact with you--if not now, in the near future.

Best wishes in all your career pursuits.


Frank M. Speranza
Principal & Founder
Hospitality Talent Scouts