Candidate Referral Program

Hospitality Talent Scouts believes that talented individuals attract and know other talented individuals. Because of this, we have always offered referral rewards to those who assist us in finding and placing talent.

Here is how it works. Should you refer someone to Hospitality Talent Scouts for one of our current open positions, and that referral results in a placement, we offer a $1000 Referral Reward or a $1000 donation to a charity of your choice.

Over the past five years, we have sent out numerous Referral Rewards to people who have introduced to HTS some incredibly talented individuals. HTS Referral Rewards is just our way of rewarding friends who assist us in placing talent or a way of extending a small thank you to someone just trying to help someone else in their career progression—something that we feel everyone should be doing. In the end, isn't it really about people and helping each other to grow both personally and professionally?

To qualify for a HTS Referral Reward, simply send us the resume of the individual you are referring for one of our current open positions, or have the individual send us their resume along with a note indicating that you referred them to us. If the individual is placed, we will contact you to receive your Referral Reward.



Two Ways To Search:

Retained Search

Contingency Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by H.T. S. and choose the one that best fits your organizations recruiting objectives. 

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