Corporate-Based Positions

Company President
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Food & Beverage
Vice President of Human Resources
Vice President of Development
Vice President of Public Relations
Vice President of Quality Assurance
Corporate Executive Chefs
Corporate Director of Training

Property-Based Positions

General Manager
Director of Marketing
Director of Sales
Director of Finance/Controller
Director of Catering
Director of Human Resources
Director of Recruitment
Director of Food & Beverage/Executive Assistant Food & Beverage
Director of Rooms/Rooms Executive/Executive Assistant Rooms
Director of Front Office/Front Office Manager
Director of Housekeeping/Executive Housekeeper
Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer
Director of Training
Executive Chef
Pastry Chef
Assistant General Manager
Assistant Director of Sales
Assistant Director of Finance/Assistant Controller
Assistant Director of Catering
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Assistant Director of Food & Beverage
Assistant Rooms Director
Assistant Director of Front Office/Assistant Front Office Manger
Assistant Director of Housekeeping/Assistant Executive Housekeeper
Assistant Director of Engineering/Assistant Chief Engineer
Sales Manager
Accounting Manager
Catering Sales Manager
Employment Manager
Benefit Manager
Restaurant Manager
Banquet Manager
Executive Sous Chef
Banquet Chef
Front Desk Manager
Housekeeping Manager
Public Space Manager



Two Ways To Search:

Retained Search

Contingency Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by H.T. S. and choose the one that best fits your organizations recruiting objectives. 

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