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Frank Speranza, President of Hospitality Talent Scouts, is a proud graduate of one of the country's premier colleges of hospitality management, Florida International School of Hospitality Management. Since the almost 30 years since he graduated, he still maintains a relationship with the university. He has hosted FIU Annual Alumni parties in New York City during the International Hotel Show, donated scholarships, guest lectured at the university, and represented the university at various functions.
Frank encourages young hospitality-bound students and working professionals to consider the educational opportunities available to them both on an undergraduate and graduate basis at Florida International School of Hospitality Management.
To learn more about Florida International School of Hospitality Management, click here:
For those alumni who never want to forget Dean Anthony Marshall, who had such a profound impact on all of us who knew him, we welcome you to view his celebration of life held at the university on January 17, 2007. Visit

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