Visit the About H.T.S. page to learn about the people who make up Hospitality Talent Scouts. We believe that our services are only as good as the people that deliver them!

Hospitality Talent Scouts serves some of the most impressive names in hospitality, from great, branded hotel companies, including the luxury and select-service sector, to some of the finest restaurant companies in the world. Whether you're an independent hotel or management company or an independent restaurant, club, hospital, or retirement facility, Hospitality Talent Scouts has a Talent Bank of outstanding candidates at our finger tips to fill all your recruitment needs.

For potential clients who have never used our services, we can provide references from some of the most respected names in our industry. No one can tell you better about our performance than our most valued clients.

Hospitality Talent Scouts believes that hospitality organizations need to compete as aggressively for their premium share of the talented employee base as they do for their premium market share within their competitive sets or competition . We believe that hospitality employers need to develop their own internal Star Reports that measure who has the premium share of talent in the market for specific positions within their competitive sets. They also need to know where to find and secure that talent if it does not exist in the local market. Hospitality Talent Scouts can be the importer of that talent for your organization. Whether you're a hotel, independent restaurant, club, hospital, or retirement facility, Hospitality Talent Scouts has a Talent Bank of outstanding candidates at our finger tips.

We are often amazed at how little our new clients know about their competitors: the very people that their sales and operation staffs compete against daily in their respective markets. At Hospitality Talent Scouts, we help hotels and other companies understand this. We believe that getting the best talent is one of the first steps in building a successful organization and out-performing the competition.

Knowing that hospitality organizations daily operate in a competitive environment, we ask the following questions to our clients to get them thinking seriously about competing for the best talent:

  1. Do you really know who you're competing against?
  2. Do you know them by name?
  3. Do you know not just their business name but the names of the individuals who are outperforming their counterparts at your operation?
  4. Do you know their strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Do you know their backgrounds?
  6. Do you know when there is no talent in your local market & which markets you can find the talent in?

Hospitality Talent Scouts offers competitive intelligence services to enable you to answer these questions and get the very best talent to maximize your operation!



Two Ways To Search:

Retained Search

Contingency Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by H.T. S. and choose the one that best fits your organizations recruiting objectives. 

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