Understanding The HTS Difference

If you have not figured it out by now, Hospitality Talent Scouts is not just another executive search firm or consulting company. We are seasoned hoteliers who understand today's world as hotel operators. We have lived through the Gulf War, September 11, and the recession years as hotel operators. We understand what it takes to be successful in these difficult financial and hiring environments. We have a demonstrated track record of knowing how to place executives in the right positions. Our systematic screening process is time tested with proven results. Our basic formula is very simple. We will only present candidates that meet the following four criteria:
  1. Good career stability (length of time in positions and with companies)
  2. Good career progression in position, salary, and status
  3. Employed at quality products with quality organizations
  4. Ability to provide their past direct reports as references at the time of a job offer (current employer excluded)
For our volume clients, as an added value, we will come to you at no charge and train your managers specifically on how they can improve their ability to attract and retain top talented line-level employees or management staff. We repeatedly see clients making the same basic mistakes in recruitment, and it is often outside intervention that helps a client break this destructive cycle. Allow us to help you today!


Two Ways To Search:

Retained Search

Contingency Search

Understand the difference between these two search types as offered by H.T. S. and choose the one that best fits your organizations recruiting objectives. 

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