Want to send your resume to us? Simply E-mail your resume in Microsoft Word format to one of the e-mail addresses located on the Contact Us page and include your salary requirements, as well as geographical preferences or restrictions. 
Visit the About H.T.S. page to learn about the people who make up Hospitality Talent Scouts, because we believe that our services are only as good as the people that deliver them!
Hospitality Talent Scouts serves some of the most impressive names in hospitality, from great, branded hotel companies, including the luxury and select-service sector, to some of the finest restaurant companies in the world. We also serve independent hotels, management companies, independent restaurants, clubs, hospitals, and retirement facilities.
Hospitality Talent Scouts' Confidentiality Guarantee has placed us as one of the most trusted sources in the hospitality industry. 
Ask yourself this simple question: Has any hospitality recruiter ever asked you to provide your written permission to share your resume with a potential employer? 
To our knowledge, we were the first and are still the only hospitality recruiter to employ this practice from the day we opened our doors in 2005. Our original pledge we adopted still stands today, making us the most trusted source for hospitality candidates.


Confidentiality Guarantee:

Pledge to our Candidates

We consider our relationships with our candidates a sacred trust, and we consider it an honor when a candidate selects us to represent them. We will always be indebted to candidates who come to us with courage and confidence. In turn, our pledge to our candidates is to back up our commitment of confidentiality with a signed contractual guarantee of confidentiality. This legal document assures a candidate that we will never speak of or present their name or credentials to any potential employer without first obtaining written approval from them.

Frank Speranza – President of Hospitality Talent Scouts

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