The First Step In Our Process

The first step for candidates to introduce themselves to Hospitality Talent Scouts is by providing their resume. This is the most effective way for us to evaluate an individual's background in an effort to match it to a current or potential opening. If you telephone us, we are simply going to ask you to send your resume before we can engage ourselves in any meaningful dialogue. Qualified candidates that are proud of their accomplishments should have not a problem providing this information. Hospitality Talent Scouts Guarantee of Confidentiality makes our Guarantee of Confidentiality legally binding, and Hospitality Talent Scouts could suffer significant tangible losses through liability suits if anyone were ever to prove that we violated their confidentiality. In all the years we have been in business, we have never had one single breach of confidentiality. That is because we are scrupulous about our approach with an individual's confidentiality. Our reputation for confidentiality truly makes us one of the most trusted names and sources in the hospitality industry. Ask anyone who knows us, and you will be told the same.
To send us your resume, simply E-mail it in Microsoft Word Format to one of the staff members' E-mail addresses located on the Contact Us page and include your salary requirements, as well as geographical preferences or restrictions. 


Confidentiality Guarantee:

Pledge to our Candidates

We consider our relationships with our candidates a sacred trust, and we consider it an honor when a candidate selects us to represent them. We will always be indebted to candidates who come to us with courage and confidence. In turn, our pledge to our candidates is to back up our commitment of confidentiality with a signed contractual guarantee of confidentiality. This legal document assures a candidate that we will never speak of or present their name or credentials to any potential employer without first obtaining written approval from them.

Frank Speranza – President of Hospitality Talent Scouts

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