Starwood CEO Video Interview On The Fiscal Cliff December 10, 2012

Dear Frank,

Very clear words today from Starwood CEO, Frits van Paaschen, who appeared live Monday morning on CNBC Squawk Box speaking about the Fiscal Cliff and what it could mean for the hotel business.

Frits van Paaschen said it very plainly, "The time for politics is over".

While he was not wearing the new CNBC Rise Above Button, I thought his message was pretty clear.

I hope you enjoy this 5 minute video clip as much as I did.

Click on the image above to view or use this link:

(Please note Hospitality Talent Scouts is neither endorsing nor disclaiming any of the political views expressed in this interview. A 15 second commercial may precede the video)

Kind Regards,

Frank Speranza
Frank M. Speranza