Lodging's Hospitable Recovery Through the Eyes of Marriott President & CEO - October 21st, 2010

The questions continue to be asked of us from both candidates and employers. Are you seeing things picking up on the job front?

The answer is "Yes" we are continuing to hear positive signals of a recovery from most of our partners in the major U.S. Center City Markets which again is historically always where these recoveries begin. While we have a good but small window which we look through covering domestic opportunities, there is no dispute about the window Arne Sorenson Marriott President and COO has to look through.

Almost two weeks ago Marriott was one of the first out of the gate reporting third quarter earnings. Today Arne Sorenson makes his first live appearance on CNBC Squawk Box as Guest Host. We thought his insightful opening remarks as Guest Host this morning were certainly worth sharing with our friends. The trends upward which he speaks of can only continue to mean increased future opportunities in our industry.

We hope you will enjoy this insightful 7 Minute CNBC Video.

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It is our pleasure to be able to share this optimistic and insightful video with our industry friends.


Frank Speranza